Who’s Gareth Lamb & What’s Epic State? 

My Story: Everybody has one, but this is how I became a Digital Entrepreneur.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was just 10!

“YES 10! Bare with me it’s all-important stuff!”

It may have been because my parents were entrepreneurs but from an early age two things where clear. I needed to be FREE to follow my rules and I needed to be CREATIVE. Making money filled both needs for me.

I painted miniatures (those lead things) and sold them to gamers, I had a car washing business with an employee, made and sold soft toys, started a swap shop for video games, worked car boots, sold glow sticks at firework shows, snail and slug killing, I had two paper rounds, washed dishes, worked at a butchers, and sometimes did my homework, all of these were just before the age of 13…

…Needless to say I didn’t need to borrow money for Christmas presents and I always had cash.

I was hooked.

When I turned 18 (1998) I started as a bartender and I fell in love with the hustle. It had the right balance of lifestyle, creativity and fun. Something most jobs don’t have enough of.

But what I didn’t love was the money; the only way to make extra cash was with tips or private events. But even those were capped. So I became a manager for a few years, but by this point I was sick to the teeth of putting up with other peoples crap and having more month than money!

I was built to be an entrepreneur not a manager!

…So I started an event company!

This was my first REAL business (well, first on my own)!

This was going to be the big one (Or so I thought). We had 4 solid years of growth during a recession and became one of the bigger event bar businesses in the market.

Then like silent ninjas every bartender, chef and waiter with grand plans decided to start their own side business. Except unlike us they weren’t vat registered and were happy to work on the cheap for cash. It was like death by a thousand cuts.

…And the biggest lesson of my life, “keep costs down, don’t be an employer (if possible), be mobile, no office, no overheads and most of all being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to work yourself into an early grave. Work smarter not longer!”

So after 6 years of trading my life and business imploded – no money, plenty of debts, no home, no girl friend, no job, a company in liquidation and living with my parents (and thank god for them)!

“No F**king Way I’m Doing That Again, I Was Better Off When I Was 10”!!

I wanted a business that was mobile, cheap to start, run and I could do on my own…no more employees to worry about.

But also a business that wasn’t at the mercy of the customer! Let me explain; there will always be a customer, but the level of control and effect they have needs to be considered. You don’t want to replace a boss with a demanding customer…

Take my event business for example, it became a buyers market and the customers drove down the price, were more demanding and unwittingly drove many of their favorite suppliers out of business. The new business needed to be high profit, low cost and low maintenance. Something that could move with the trends, rather than wait to become obsolete.

I wanted a FREEDOM business! I wanted the dream! I wanted to choose WHERE, WHEN and WHO I worked with.

So I focused on digital marketing, mainly the information market. Where you can automate, outsource and create a product once and sell it a thousand times. Giving you the time to build relationships with your customers and develop new products.

“As it turns out, (for me) this is the best Job/Business EVER!”

I cast my net and make money while I sleep. Awesome!

…And best of all it’s mobile, cheap to setup and I don’t need any staff or offices. This means that with even just a small income you can live the dream and work anywhere!

Though other people’s results may vary of course! And that has to be said, there’s still a lot of work to do in the beginning if you choose this life.

Though I now know and understand all of the main marketing systems and platforms out there, these days I only focus on a few key things that really work. This allows me to spend more time traveling and less time with my face in the laptop.

Which was my goal…

Freedom & Creativity

The Digital Entrepreneur was born and I’m back to my entrepreneurial roots (or when I was 10), keep it simple and profitable.

And Epic State? Epic State is my way of helping other people through the minefield of earning online to become Digital Entrepreneurs.

You see I jumped straight into the “make money online” niche, something I regret. Yes there’s a lot of money and products in this area, but the cost and effort to break through is far greater. Almost every other niche I’ve tried since has been MUCH easier.

I recommend choosing one marketing method and get really good at it (e.g. FB, YouTube). Find someone good to teach you. This may be me or someone bigger, it all depends on your budget, but find someone who can shorten your learning curve.

If you’d like to have a chat about coaching or any of the products and methods I use, then leave me a voice message (click the tab on the side) or send me an email.

Have a think about what you want from your work life and let me know your thoughts.


Epic State, Epic Life!